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This database maintenance plan includes the following services:


Clarifying definition:

2 electronic support incidents


Defined as email support with same business day response. Customers receive 2 free incidents every 6 months. Incidents should be used within their 6 month period as they do not roll forward.

Scan for partially added records for all record types and correct identified issues where possible.


When Time matters creates an add record function it reserves a space within the SQL database. When the record store process is interrupted the reserved space is not deleted which, over time, creates large blank spaces and unnecessarily consume valuable space.

Verification of current Time Matters SQL backup plan effectiveness.


We identify the last known good backup and ensure that it meets the expected data size. We also look at the firms existing backup process and will work with the firm to develop an appropriate backup plan where necessary.

Scan for cross linked identifiers and repair links.


These links should be a one to one relationship but can be “crossed” to an incorrect data record. This behavior can result in a failure of the TM re-index function.

Scan for missing documents and provide direction to repair broken links where possible.


Although Time Matters is a very automated product, it does not verify that the relationship between records and documents is maintained. This service looks for those broken links so that they can be re-established. This test does not work for Interwoven or DocsOpen DMS products.

Scan for blank sys ID and correct affected records.


The system identifier is a key component of the TM product. Blank sys IDs should be remedied to avoid problematic behavior with regard to the successful completion of the indexing function.

Scan for orphaned users and direct firm on recommended corrective action.


This is the product of a broken relationship between a user ID that has been deleted without regard to existing tasks, calendar, preferences etc. This scan finds these incidents and allows for a firm contact to correct them resulting and a lower database profile and less overhead.

Scan for duplicate indexes and take corrective actions.


Database indexing increases your database efficiency. Time Matters 9 SR3a can create duplicates which bog the database down and create unnecessary work which manifests in slower application response.

Scan for untrimmed space and correct identified issues.


Your Time Matters database creates data spaces of a specific size to accommodate incoming text stores. Sometimes these spaces are inappropriately sized and databases become larger that what is necessary. This scan will identify these issues so that they can be corrected resulting in a speedier Time Matters experience.

Scan for archives with follow enabled and disable following where appropriate.


The follow flag is utilized as an indicator that tells Time Matters to continue to move a record to the next date until the action is set as done. This flag is set when follow is not appropriate and will cause the application to operate much slower over time.

Monthly Analytics Dashboard


Provides statistical overview regarding the TM database to quickly convey high level but general information.This is important information to have and is completed each month in order understand the health of your database.

Monthly Database status report


Provides details on Microsoft SQL server environment, database usage, last database backup completion date and top five tables by disk usage.This is a monthly service which includes an analysis of the data provided and potential actions should they be required.

Monthly Database table report


Provides a list of top 5 largest tables in the TM database.This is a monthly service which includes an analysis of the data provided and potential actions should they be required.