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Risk Intelligence

How much will a Data Breach cost your organization?

Locate Sensitive Data across Networks and Workstations

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Secure File Sharing

A business-grade file sync and share service that meets the needs of both users and administrators. ShareSync file sync and share service enables intuitive collaboration and mobility while helping to keep company data secure and protected.
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Clio is the leading practice management, time & billing and client collaboration platform for small to mid-sized law firms. Your important client data is securely accessible anywhere - from your PC, your Mac, and even your iPhone.
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Alliance PCG partners with Circle Management Group

We are pleased to announce that Alliance Professional Consulting Group has partnered with Circle Management Group, an independent consulting firm that provides focused solutions to law offices and other professional services firms.






a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid.


In the last few years, ransomware has become a big problem and a costly problem for consumers and businesses and there is currently no end in sight.

I’m sure many of you have heard about the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center that was hit with ransomware on Feb 5th, 2016 and 10 days later they paid a $17,000 ransom in bitcoin to get control of their computer system from the hacker who seized it. These individuals and or groups have one goal and that's to infect as many consumers and businesses as possible in order to increase their odds of getting paid. The ransom can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars and the payment is usually in bitcoins or some untraceable payment method like moneypak.

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Secure File Sharing

Learn why ShareSync from Alliance Professional Consulting Group is a better solution for your business than Dropbox.



When it comes to sharing photos and storing family recipes, Dropbox is wonderful. That’s why it’s so popular with consumers.

But because people are so used to using it at home, millions of users have brought Dropbox into their work environment. According to Osterman Research, Dropbox has found its way into 70% of companies.

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VOIP and PBX systems

Alliance professional Consulting Group now sells hosted VOIP and PBX systems. Our hosted PBX is a complete business communications system and service.

Hosted PBX is an enterprise grade VoIP phone system that is delivered from the cloud to small and medium sized businesses.

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Backup, Backup Backup!


Over the last few months, I have dealt with several firms that have encountered hard drive failures on their main servers, and they either didn't have any backups or their backups were no good. I figured this would be a good topic for my blog.

October has turned into the month of data recovery and backup issues for me. In some cases, the firms thought their data was being backed up because their IT firm said they had backup plans in place and other cases they were just not running any backups.

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What's New in TM 13.2

What's New in this Release
Time Matters 13.2
Support for the Following External Applications